Presented by:

Jorge Hidalgo

from Accenture

Jorge Hidalgo is the Global Java Professional Community Co-Lead in Accenture, and the Custom Distributed, Java, Architecture and DevOps Capability Lead in the Accenture Delivery Center in Spain (SDC). Besides Professional Community and Capability work, Jorge dedicates a portion of his time in various architectural and management roles, helps projects through services as the Accenture Discovery and Diagnostic Service and Accenture Architecture Excellence, participates in proposals/orals and supports projects in their adoption of cutting edge technologies and architectures. He is a global Architecture, Cloud, Java and DevOps SME that frequently writes and speaks about software development, quality and testing topics, internally in Accenture through blogs and webinars, publicly through his blog at and in conferences like JavaOne, OpenSlava and Red Hat Developer Day. Follow him on Twitter: @_deors

Accenture DevOps Platform is an opinionated, open-source, continuous delivery platform, based on commonly used tools and pre-configured with our collective experience from dozens of DevOps implementations across the world. In this talk, we will present what is Accenture DevOps Platform, describe its architecture and components, demonstrate how easy is to leverage it to provision a brand new environment and even easier to configure a full developer-to-production pipeline in minutes. For more information, Accenture DevOps Platform development can be followed online here: Pull requests are welcomed!

2016 May 7 - 13:00
45 min
Sala Canillas
OpenSouthCode 2016

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