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  • Computers and human language passionate. An Enthusiast of the functional paradigm and Haskell.
  • Currently working on eCommerce solution as Java&Scala Developer at international company Rindus.
  • Co-Organiser of Málaga Scala Developers community.
  • A guitar artist of SolYNaranjaS - a multinational music project from Málaga city, Costa del Sol.
  • 80s style and music, the motorcycle driver, speaker, and Aguacate lover.

Functional programming seems super cool but ...

A good understanding of different paradigms is not an easy issue - it is like changing the culture chip and even more about some kind of mind-shift. Once we got it, your programming toolbox in terms of abstraction will be much richer than ever before.

Let's see how we can slightly move into the functional paradigm world:

  • how we can express all well-known abstractions from OOP
  • classes and their relations and communication, polymorphism and some important design patterns as well

Let's compare and combine the best things from these two paradigms. Let's do it together and become better programmers!

2019 May 25 - 10:30
45 min
Sala 3 - Freeciv
Opensouthcode 2019
Spanish; Castilian

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