Opensouthcode - Call for papers

We are looking for contributions, talks and workshops in all aspects of free sofware, free hardware and open technologies, eg:

  • Operating systems
  • Sofware development
  • Free and open culture
  • Open hardware
  • IT Security
  • Legal aspects
  • Desktop
  • Education

and in general in any activity that promove the free technologies and open culture.

Submitting Contributions

You need to add the activity throught our web site:


Please send questions about the Call for Papers via email to:


Contributions can be submitted in english or spanish.


We will publish abstract, description, slides and, if we can record it, a video of your presentation on our website and include the abstract in the conference program. We demand that you place your contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International ( license (or a more lenient license).

Unless another license is noted, we will assume that your contribution is under this linse. If you want to place your works under a less restrictive license, please note so with your submission.


Opensouthcode is organized by volunteers and is mostly funded by sponsors. We ask you to understand that we will not be able to reimburse you for your expenses. In special cases we might be able to help you with your expenses and we continue trying to find sponsors for this. Please get in touch with us by email

You can submit proposals for Talks and Workshops. The submission period has begun and closes Friday, March 31. 2023.
Remember Opensouthcode 2023 will only be as good as the content you present. Submit early, submit often!

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