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24 years old senior redteam in Telefónica security engineering. Previously worked in other cybersecurity companies, also worked as a systems analyst and robotics teacher in Switzerland. Co-founded and currently organize an association about privacy, security and digital rights called Interferencias with more than 1k members. Writes about cybersecurity and freedom of the software in English, Japanese and Spanish in an open website, also wrote a manual in spanish for cybersecurity aimed to communities and local activism. Speaks about privacy and cyberpunk in a social radio program in Madrid called Post Nau. Gave speeches about security and digital rights in Spain, Portugal, Austria and Belgium.

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How I use open tools and freedom of the software for working as an offensive security professional. From scripts using bash and pyhton, to hardware hacking using Arduino, Linux native utilities and open pentesting tools. This speech is aimed both for tech professionals into security and curious users who wants to know how important is the security community.

Fast overview

  • How is offensive security daily job
  • How to write basic bash and Python scripts for security and git push them!
  • The importance of community for the security professional area
  • The origin of cybersecurity

Notes, and resources

I can give this speech either in English or in Spanish. This is the blog where I write about security which is also open source.

2020 April 25 - 12:00
45 min
Aula 3
Opensouthcode 2020

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