Presented by:

Jorge Hidalgo

from Accenture

Jorge Hidalgo is the Global Java Professional Community Co-Lead in Accenture, DevOps lead for Accenture Iberia and Architecture, Cloud and DevOps lead for Accenture Advanced Technology Center in Spain. Besides Professional Community and Capability work, Jorge dedicates a portion of his time in various architectural and management roles, helps projects through services as the Accenture Discovery and Diagnostic Service and Accenture Architecture Excellence, participates in proposals/orals and supports projects in their adoption of cutting edge technologies and architectures. He is a global Architecture, Cloud, Java and DevOps SME that frequently writes and speaks about software development, quality and testing topics, internally in Accenture through blogs and webinars, publicly through his blog at and in conferences like JavaOne, OpenSlava, OpenSouthCode, DevOps Days, CommitConf, RootedCon or Codemotion. Follow him on Twitter: @deors314

With the power of faster time to markets comes the responsibility of ensuring that the quality of software is not sacrificed, including of course security aspects. While we do more and more shift-left of security aspects including SAST, DAST or SCA as part of CI/CD pipelines (a.k.a. DevSecOps), is that enough? Are those the only aspects of a secure software supply chain? Is a green build enough to guarantee secure software in production? In this talk we will introduce other relevant aspects of DevSecOps (or just DevOps, right?) to detect vulnerabilities before and after shipping software into production.

2023 June 9 - 10:00
45 min
Sala Benalmádena
Opensouthcode 2023

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