Opensouthcode es un evento para promocionar y dar a conocer las tecnologías abiertas: software/hardware libre y opensource. El evento es gratuito.

Opensouthcode is an event to promote open technologies: free software/hardware and opensource. The event is free (as in beer ;) )

Call for Papers

We are ready to accept your proposals for sessions!

You can submit proposals for Charla / Talks and Taller / Workshops. The submission period has begun Friday, December 15. 2017 and closes Wednesday, January 31. 2018. That means you have only 14 days left! Remember opensouthcode2018 will only be as good as the sessions you present. Submit early, submit often!

La térmica Málaga

La térmica Málaga

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Málaga / Spain

Avda de los guindos
29004, Málaga